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Mastercard continues to play a leading role in the structure of payment systems with 56.7% (-0.5% in April) vs 43.2% for VISA (+0.5% in April) and 0.1% for PROSTIR.

During April the number of transactions by issued payment cards decreased by -1% (against +2% growth in March) with a simultaneous decrease in the average check by -2%.


In April TAS Link clients continued to actively expand their acquiring network. As in the previous month the number of trading POS terminals increased by +10% (+21% since the beginning of 2024).

The number of acquiring transactions in April remained unchanged compared to March. The decrease in the number of P2P transactions (-7%) was compensated by the growth of POS and E-com purchases (+3% and +4% respectively).


In the E-com segment we also observe a slowdown in the dynamics of the number of transactions: -1% in April compared to +8% in March. Purchase transactions almost managed to compensate for the decrease in C2A and A2C transactions.

In the structure of payment methods we continue to note a gradual decrease in the share of local card-on-files and manual card inputs: 63.2% (-1.2% in April) against the share of electronic wallets: 27.4% in Apple Pay (+0.8 %) and 9.4% in G-Pay (+0.4%).

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